There’s nothing frivolous about being a credentialer, MSP, or payer/provider enrollment specialist. You’re reminded daily (hourly) that upon your strong and capable shoulders, nothing less than patient safety, quality provider care, and adherence to law and regulations rests. Whew! That’s a great deal of responsibility and adulting.

Here’s a three-bulleted escape right at your computer to generate ideas for your own type of stress relief.

Kickball anyone?

Adult recess is having a moment as a way for employees to get alleviate stress and relive childhood activities (ahem, dodgeball). There’s also tetherball, hopscotch, and frisbee. Bad knees or hips are no problem! Try the Lincoln Logs, Silly Putty, and Play-Doh stations. Some companies are even pairing recess with food trucks specializing in lunches of PB&Js (crusts optional), grilled cheese, and Popsicles.

The health benefits of moving are obvious and include strengthening of heart and lung function and calorie burn for the vigorous activities. But even more sedentary breaks can reduce stress hormones (e.g., cortisol and adrenaline) and lift your mood, releasing the good hormones of serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin. Even 10-15 minutes of activity can be beneficial to reignite productivity and foster goodwill among colleagues.

Call me “Security Princess”

A trend began in tech in the early 2000’s whereby employees, blessed by HR, started giving themselves creative and bordering-on-ridiculous job titles. This trend, too, appears to be growing in popularity, especially as younger generations enter the workforce and climb the corporate ladder. You don’t have to put one of these titles in your email signature, but perhaps a small sign on your desk is warranted if you find a match:

  1. Physician-Wrangling Magician
  2. Negligent Credentialing Avoidance Officer
  3. Payer Whisperer
  4. Credentialing Concierge
  5. Majordomo of Enrollment
  6. Quality-Assurance Bad@$$
  7. Joint Commission Jedi
  8. Patron Saint of Providers
  9. Quorum Queen
  10. Director of I Told You So


Finally, Memes—Just Because

Thank you for what you do every day.