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Quickly and Accurately Migrate Your Credentialing Data.

Our data conversion service can eliminate concerns that may be related to extended down time due to the move to a new system and/or hours of manual data entry. Our data conversion service can help to ensure the accurate transfer of practitioner data from the old system to the new.

Our conversion specialist works directly with you to review the current system in order to ensure that data is analyzed and interpreted properly before it is imported in to the IntelliSoft system. Regularly scheduled project calls are scheduled and our clients are given regular updates to test and accept the conversion work before it is finalized.

Top reasons to engage IntelliSoft’s Data Migration Services:

Accuracy and Speed of Migrating Credentialing Data

Uploading of all Data and Documents, in one step

Data Quality Assurance

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Credentialing Information Data Migration

Accurate Data and Documents with Data Migration Services.

The best software is no good if the quality of data isn’t high.  IntelliSoft is a partner you can rely on to guide you through it.

  • A proven leadership team that empowers data specialists to help you reach your goals.
  • A proven process that has resulted in hundreds of successful migrations.
  • Data migration and system configuration processes that truly lay the groundwork for success.
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Why Choose Data Migration Services?

We are one of the longest tenured companies in the Medical Credentialing market, with nearly two decades’ experience. Our experienced Data Migration Specialists will help you quickly and accurately migrate your credentialing documents and data.

We can quickly and accurately migrate all of your current credentialing and provider data.

Years of experience, migrating data for thousands of unique business users and customers.

Data Schema and product expertise.

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