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ACA Update and Insurance Exchanges: A primer for credentialers on ACA and health insurance exchanges; includes a history & perspective.

Benefits of Electronic PE: 10 Tips for Improvement: Tips for recovering the max revenue in the shortest time for PE.

Six habits of dental and vision practices with strong enrollment, compliance, and reimbursement: A white paper that cites actions to positively impact reimbursement by engaging w/payers.

When PE Oversight Transitions to a Busy MSO: 1. Job Description: Part 1 includes due diligence, a staff analysis, and assessment of the payer universe. A job description for PE specialist is included.

When PE Oversight Transitions to a Busy MSO: 2. Workflow: Part 2 documents the flow to initially enroll and credential providers in multiple plans.

When PE Oversight Transitions to a Busy MSO: 3. KPIs: Part 3 establishes productivity metrics/key productivity indicators (KPIs) for starting out and for advanced assessment.


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