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Workflow Features.

Optional Module for the IntelliCred System.

Manage an efficient workflow process by customizing the steps that deliver the best results for you. The Workflow module lets you design processes, based on the unique requirements of any provider credentialing organization established in your IntelliCred system.

Quickly define any process or “flow” throughout your credentialing process.

Unlimited workflows based on business rules.

Automatically track credentialing processes and steps.

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Medical Credentialing Workflow

Features At-A-Glance

IntelliCred’s, Workflow module features provide a comprehensive credentialing system, comprised of targeted features that help you define and manage any credentialing process within the System.

Customizable workflow steps

Design custom workflows that include any number of steps and action items that become trackable in the system.

Generate correspondence

Establish workflow steps that generate email and other correspondence.

Build connections

Create workflow steps that can jump to and/or go back to any other steps in the process.

Action prompts

Design steps that can trigger other workflows.

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