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Recruiting Features.

Optional Module for the IntelliCred System.

Easily manage candidates—from open job opportunity to hiring and credentialing—with IntelliCred’s Recruiting module.

Identify candidate requirements for each job opportunity.

Check and verify candidate qualifications.

Manage tasks and workflows for candidates.

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Manage Physician Candidate Recruiting

Features At-A-Glance

IntelliCred’s, Recruiting module features provide a comprehensive credentialing system, comprised of targeted features that help you easily manage candidates and the entire recruiting process.

Manage hiring campaigns

Create and manage one or more hiring campaigns, which could include one or more job opportunities.

Define candidate requirements

Identify candidate requirements for each job opportunity.

Validate qualifications

Check and verify candidate qualifications for any number of posted opportunities.

Manage workflows

Manage tasks and workflows for candidates as they move through the evaluation and hiring process. The system allows you to select and send only the qualified candidates to the next phase of the process.

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