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Manage Primary Source Verification & Credentialing.

IntelliSoft Group has the solution for effectively managing provider credentialing, data, and primary source verification. No matter how large or small your provider organization is, IntelliCred provides an easy-to-use, scalable credentialing system.

With IntelliCred, you simplify the complex task of managing data in an efficient manner. Gather, store, and access the critical data you need to maintain accreditation and achieve the highest reimbursement possible for provider services.

Versatile. Manage provider data and workflow actions for multiple facilities and entities, where the credentialing and verification rules may vary.

Comprehensive. Covers every aspect of evaluating provider competence and qualifications.

Convenient. Access all provider data and forms in one location.

Efficient. Quickly contact providers to gather missing information or documents.

Paperless. Rely on the secure database to store provider documents and other information from primary sources.

Sophisticated. Leverage advanced tools, including web crawlers, to identify and obtain primary source verification.

Effective. Discover how productivity soars when you utilize IntelliCred’s batch processing function.

Secure. IntelliCred’s secure environment protects the information contained in the system.

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Features At-A-Glance

IntelliCred provides a comprehensive credentialing system, comprised of targeted modules that help you easily meet your challenges.


Simplify and improve the complex process of completing, submitting, tracking payer enrollment, and other applications requiring data from IntelliCred.


Increase reporting power with the ability to design unlimited, ad hoc reports, using a broad range of IntelliCred data.


Integrate with other systems to maintain up-to-date provider credentialing information and reduce the need for duplicate data entry.


Collaborate with IntelliSoft Group’s integration specialists to create and control the import of external data into IntelliCred.


Confidently evaluate your providers’ competence to perform procedures in specific care areas.

Case/Peer Review

Securely examine, store, and follow up on clinical and medical peer review information.


Create unlimited indicators and measurements to meet specific needs, and maintain Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement programs.

Site Survey

Evaluate the quality and adequacy of any number of provider practice locations, ensuring the consistent delivery of a high standard of patient care.


Expand your potential by designing customizable business rules, action items, and notifications.


Enable Web-based access for your providers to manage their own credentialing data and documents, while also making it secure and convenient for others to view the credentialing information and clinical privileges.


Open the door for the best possible candidates to access opportunities at your organization. Recruiters and hiring managers use the tools they need to evaluate, select, and know the people they hire fit the job and the organization.

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