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Creation Module.

Optional Module for IntelliContract.

With IntelliContract’s Creation Module, users can quickly create pre-approved payer, provider or general contracts from your clause and template libraries. Automatically add or remove clauses based on criteria, completely format and style your documents, dynamically merge contract details and data, auto-number and sequence the ordering of clauses. All within seconds. The Creation Module has comprehensive clause and template libraries to store and manage your contract language. It even tracks and analyzes standard versus non-standard language!

The IntelliContract Creation Module lets you dynamically generate your contracts – in seconds – from your standard Clause and Template Library.

Dynamically generate any contract or document from your templates.

Store, manage, and track unlimited document templates and standardized clauses.

Track and analyze your contract language.

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Contract Creation and Assembly

Dynamic Creation Features.

Standardize contract templates with IntelliContract’s Creation Module. This module gives you all the features you need to dynamically generate any contract or document.

Clause Library

Standardize your contract clauses into an organized library. The Clause Library helps you manage, track, and analyze your language.

Template Library

Standardize your document templates into an organized library. The Template Library lets you create unlimited templates to dynamically generate your healthcare contracts.

Clause Analysis Tools

Track how often your clauses are used, modified, and accepted with clause analysis features.

Generate Contracts and Documents

Dynamically generate any document or contract in a matter of seconds with auto-populated (merged) data.

Standard versus non-standard language tracking

Automatically compares and tracks your languages throughout your negotiation – so you’re always aware of whether the language is acceptable or changed.

Role-based language security

Set roles and permissions on your clauses and templates so only the right users or departments can accept altered language. Define Editing, Edit with Approval, and other options.

Auto-numbering and sequencing

Define rules to automatically number and sequence your document clause language. Add TOCs and Clauses References.

Native MS Word Integration

Native Microsoft Word Integration, lets your staff use the same tools they use everyday – without ever having to leave the system.

These are just a few of the features IntelliContract has to offer. To find out more about all of the system’s capabilities, please schedule a live system demo. We’ll walk you through it, from start to finish.

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