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WebView Features.

Optional Module for the IntelliApp System.

Provide an online link to the IntelliApp System so that people outside the credentialing processes can view allowable provider information. WebView provides the level of access that you establish for each user.

Configurable profiles allow secure, role-based access to information.

Conveniently access data online using a web browser.

Quickly query IntelliApp to locate affiliated providers.

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Provider Data Online

Features At-A-Glance

IntelliApp’s, WebView module features provide a comprehensive credentialing application system, comprised of targeted features that help you quickly provide secure access to applications and forms information using a standard web browser.

Configurable profiles

Configure any number of user security roles for use with WebView—enabling them to view data and documents, and possibly add or modify data. Certain users can be granted permission to access and view provider privilege information.

Limit data views

Assign the correct data views to the approved user.

Provider access and interaction

Enable authorized providers to update their data and upload documents, answer questions, select privileges, and access any documents and/or contracts they need to read.

Outside user rules

Users outside of your organization can query IntelliApp to locate affiliated providers, and then generate the affiliation letter on their own.

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