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IntelliImport Features.

Optional Module for the IntelliApp System.

When you need to access information that resides on an external system, IntelliImport makes it easy.

Integrate with other internal systems.

Receive data from other internal systems to keep IntelliCred up-to-date and consistent.

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Provider Enrollment Import

Features At-A-Glance

IntelliApp’s, IntelliImport features provide a comprehensive credentialing application system, comprised of targeted features that help you easily meet your integration needs throughout the credentialing application process.

Customizable rules

Design the processes that will allow data updates and insertions. IntelliSoft Group’s integration specialists will help you create and control the rules that allow external data to be imported into your IntelliApp system.


Schedule your files to import as a manual process or on a pre-set schedule.

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