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Healthcare Contract Management Software to Manage Payer, Provider, and General Contracts

Today’s healthcare organizations require transparency across their enterprise. The complexity of the contract to credentialing process poses a challenge. Key members of the management and operations teams struggle to streamline the system for easier access and manageability.

IntelliContract presents the solution. Using this feature-rich program, you take charge of your contracts, from negotiation through renewal. Step by step. IntelliContract’s intuitive approach provides efficiency, detail, and the eco-friendly reduction in paper through an electronic environment.

Leverage our best-in-class solution to proactively and efficiently manage your contracts.

Accelerate your payer and provider contract process from start to finish.

Make smarter decisions with improved contract insights and clear visibility into your provider documents and data.

Maximize payer and provider contract value by controlling expenses and revenue.

Healthcare Contract Management Software

Features At-A-Glance

IntelliContract makes it easy to create and manage the entire contract process for your healthcare organization.

Central Repository

The centralized location of all your contracts makes it easier to manage contract approvals, edit contracts, track the edit history, and approve/reject any changes.

Creation Module

Easily access and customize your contracts—even making mass updates—using the library of clauses, templates, and standardized wording.

Workflow Module

Manage seamless workflow by creating processes to be tracked, setting up pending deadline alerts, and tracking the performance and timelines for documents and the overall contract process.

Manage healthcare contracts with our best-in-class IntelliContract System. Contact IntelliSoft Group to schedule your personal demonstration.

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