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Data Ownership, Access & Security.

We take your data and our systems seriously, ensuring the information is kept safe and secure. Below you can find information on Data Ownership, Data Access, and Data Security topics.

Data Ownership.

Nothing is more important than maintaining the privacy and access controls for our Customer Data. At IntelliSoft, customers own all of their data, documents and supporting information within the System. Data, unique to each and every customer, is logically separated from other systems and database instances. And, we employ strict access controls to all data, information systems and infrastructure components, so it’s safe and secure. You have complete access and ownership of it – at all times. We offer convenient options and services to provide you data in exported, back-up and other formats.

You own your data, documents and information stored within the System.

Customer Data is logically separated from one another.

Strict access controls to data, systems and infrastructures.

Convenient options to export and download data or data back-ups.

Credentialing Data Ownership

Data Access & Security.

When using any cloud or SaaS system, your data will be physically stored outside of your office location(s) and servers. Many businesses don’t like the idea of housing their data externally as they feel it is less secure – however, the reality of the situation is quite different. IntelliSoft employs enterprise-level, fully redundant firewalls and security systems to keep your data truly safe and secure. These systems have been purpose-built to securely host your data. Most of the time, our infrastructure far surpasses most clients, due to the size and types of customers we service.

Enterprise-class firewalls and security systems.

Purpose-built infrastructure, designed to host and manage secure CLM Solutions.

We securely host 100’s of customers, including large global brands.

Strict SOP’s and Security Policies, with least privilege access.

Customer request-based access, during support or professional service engagements. You control who’s allowed.

Customer data is encrypted using 128+ bit, 2 way (SSL/HTTPS)

IntelliSoft Data and Network Security

Questions about data privacy and security? Contact Us to receive more information or other supporting materials. Email us @ privacy@intellisoftgroup.com

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