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Back-ups and Disaster Recovery.

We take customer data and our systems seriously, ensuring the information is kept safe and secure. Below you can find information on Data Back-ups, Data Retention and Disaster Recovery topics.

Data Back-ups & Retention.

All customer data (data, documents, and supporting information) is backed up using strict standards for the IntelliSoft system. Customer databases are backed up hourly and rolled into complete, daily back-up files. By policy, these back-ups follow data retention procedures with the following rules. Daily back-ups are maintained for 1 week, then rolled into 10 and 30 day archives. Archives are kept based on the customer’s data retention requirements. All customer back-ups are logically separated to ensure no co-mingling of information or data. Further, to prevent data loss and ensure RTO/RPO times for disaster recovery, we perform system image back-ups of all servers or required components. This is added protection for the application and configuration sets for our customer systems.

Data back-ups are encrypted and securely transferred to our data retention facilities, where they are received and archived. DR facilities, like our main data center, are SOC II / SSAE 16 certified. All audits and reports are performed by third parties, and made available to customers bi-annually, for the latest usage reports.

Strict back-up standards with approved SOPs and Security Policies.

Hourly (delta) and full daily back-ups performed.

7 day, 10 day, 30 day, 90+ day archives are maintained based on customer’s policies.

Back-ups include all customer data, documents and support information. Further, systems and applications are backed up using server images.

Back-ups are encrypted and securely transferred to Data Retention and Disaster Recovery facilities.

All facilities are SOC II, SSAE16 certified. Audit reports provided to customers bi-annually.

Physician Information Back-ups

Data Retention and archiving typically follows our customer’s policies. Our strict standard often exceeds these policies, with retention being up to 7+, 10+ years or longer spans of time. Contact Us, with any data back-up or retention questions.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.

In the event of a disaster, IntelliSoft can be up and running within 8 hours, ensuring your system is always available. We employ the latest technologies and standards, with fully redundant facilities in multiple locations in the United States for business continuity. All customer data is backed up and replicated during the back-up procedure(s). This data is securely replicated to our DR facilities for availability, in the event of a disaster. All facilities are audited SOC II/SSAE16 certified, with audits and reports provided to customers bi-annually. (Last usage period.)

IntelliSoft Disaster Recovery Policy provides customers the following:

Strict back-up standards with approved SOP’s and Security Policies.

Back-ups are encrypted and securely transferred to Disaster Recovery facilities automatically.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) 4 hours, with hourly back-up availability.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is 8 hours, from time of verified event.

Disaster Recovery procedures and systems are tested a minimum of once per year.

All facilities are SOC II, SSAE16 certified. Audit reports provided to customers bi-annually.

DR Plan and Policies available to customers upon request.

IntelliSoft Data Backups and Retention

Contact Us, with any disaster recovery questions. sales@intellisoftgroup.com

*All policies, procedures and plans subject to change, without notice. Policies are tested or reviewed a minimum of once per year, or as needed.

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