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Data Centers and Security.

We take our hosting and data centers seriously, ensuring your information and systems are kept safe and secure. Below you can find information on our Data Centers and Security.

IntelliSoft has data centers located within the United States. Our main data center is co-located within Somerville, MA at the Internap Facilities. We own and operate our own servers and infrastructure, ensuring our purpose-built systems meet customer needs. 99.9% Up-time Guarantee.

Audits verify our compliance, and you can leverage our third-party audits for your internal compliance requirements and reduce audit procedures within your organization.

Reasons to leverage IntelliSoft Group’s Managed SaaS and Hosting options:

Credentialing Information Security Hosting


By combining multiple carrier backbones and real-time route optimization, Performance IP provides reliable, high-speed IP service for stable, consistent connectivity.

99.9% Up-time

Industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) supports 99.9% uptime.

High Availability

Direct access to multiple ISP backbones reduces the risk of network outages. Other fail-safe network features include end-to-end N+1 design, hot swappable spares, and comprehensive monitoring via two geographically-dispersed network operations centers.

Security and Compliance

Secure colocation facilities provide the highest level of physical security, availability and environmental control compliance.

Redundancy & Reliability

Designed with concurrent maintainability, Internap data centers provide infrastructure redundancy and high availability.

24/7 Security Guards

24/7 onsite security personnel and secure loading docks

Biometric Locking Systems

Fingerprint-activated biometric locking mechanisms.

Traps with Weight sensors

Man-traps with weight sensors to determine if equipment is being carried out of the facility.

Video Surveillance

Full video monitoring with security cameras.

Redundant Cooling Systems

Completely redundant cooling systems from CRAC units to pumps, chillers and plumbing.

PDUs and UPS Systems

Primary and secondary electrical paths fed from two different PDU’s and two different UPS systems.

24/7 Network Operations

24/7 on-site facility engineers and supporting redundant Network Operations Centers (NOC).

Multiple Upstream Providers

Data center interconnection service leverages multiple carriers to ensure that your applications and traffic are delivered over the best-performing Internet path at all times.

Energy Efficiency

Data centers have received LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) as well as Green Globes® and ENERGY STAR® certifications.

End-To-End Solution.

IntelliSoft’s fully managed SaaS solutions remove common IT barriers and reduce infrastructure hardware, software and management costs. As a complete end-to-end solution, IntelliSoft uses the latest technologies offering organizations a highly secure, ultra-redundant environment for their critical data and applications. Organizations can easily access information from anywhere using a standard web browser. Fast, reliable performance, high security, and low costs mean you can start leveraging your new software across your entire enterprise – quickly and affordably!

Quick and easy to implement – without purchasing servers, hardware, or additional software.

Reduces infrastructure hardware, software, and IT management costs.

Fully managed hosting removes IT and technology barriers.

End-to-end solution is built on the latest computing technologies, delivering the highest performance.

Flexible and scalable architecture meets the demands of growing enterprises.

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