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Healthcare Software Innovation

Invest in a process that delivers a higher level of credentialing efficiency, and discover a powerful return—faster physician credentialing and primary source verification, streamlined management, and increased reimbursement rates.

Optimize ROI using powerful credentialing software solutions.

Manage primary source verification and credentialing.

Manage credentialing applications.

Manage payer, provider, and general contracts.

Physician Credentialing and Primary Source Verification

Innovative Credentialing-as-a-Service

IntelliSoft Group is proud to announce its latest product, IntelliSolution. This hybrid product combines our software products IntelliCred and IntelliApp with the services offered through IntelliCVO, our full-service credentials verification organization.

Easily go between managing your database internally through our software and outsourcing some, or all, of your activities to our CVO

Eliminate the exchange of data files between the medical staff and/or enrollment office and your outsourced CVO

Minimize errors by never performing double data entry or data exchanges

Work in the same SaaS environment that your CVO is working in using the same software

Monitor what your CVO is doing

Check the status of a file that your CVO is working on at any time, and from any location

Run reports capturing the current status of both your work and that of your CVO

Efficiently manage the workflow of your medical staff and provider enrollment groups, regardless of which one you may choose to outsource

Credentialing Primary Source Verification Services

Manage Primary Source Verification & Credentialing

Primary source verification made easier. Simplify the complex task of managing data in an efficient manner. Gather, store, and access the critical data you need to maintain accreditation and achieve the highest reimbursement possible for provider services.

Manage provider data and workflow actions for multiple facilities and entities, where the credentialing and verification rules may vary

Cover every aspect of evaluating provider competence and qualifications

Leverage advanced tools, including web crawlers, to identify and obtain primary source verification

Primary Source Verification and Physician Credentialing

Manage Credentialing Applications

Credentialing applications made easier. Simplify this overwhelming task by providing the tools you need to efficiently manage every step of the provider enrollment process.

Rely on the secure database to store provider documents and other information from primary sources

Quickly contact providers to gather missing information or documents

Manage provider data and workflow actions for provider enrollment under multiple Tax IDs

Leverage our best-in-class solution to proactively and efficiently manage your credentialing forms

Provider Enrollment and Physician Credentialing

Manage Payer, Provider & General Contracts

IntelliContract presents the complete healthcare contract management solution. Using this feature-rich program, you take charge of your contracts, from negotiation through renewal. Step by step. IntelliContract’s intuitive approach provides efficiency, detail, and the eco-friendly reduction in paper through an electronic environment.

Efficiently manage your healthcare contract process from start to finish

Start making smarter decisions with improved contract insights and clear visibility into your contract documents and data

Maximize contract value by controlling expenses and revenue

Payor and Provider Contract Management

Innovative Credentialing-as-a-Service

Let us do the work for you! With our state-of-the-art system, we offer a complete package of services for any size organization needing to meet the challenges associated with credentialing, recredentialing, and primary source verification. IntelliCVO can assist your organization with other important tasks like ongoing credentialing, privileging, and specialty projects.

Initial application processing and primary source verification for healthcare and insurance providers

Recredentialing applications and primary source verification for healthcare and insurance providers

Application population – for hospitals, provider health plan enrollment and participation, and professional licensure

Credentialing Primary Source Verification Services

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