Jump on the Bandwagon

To “jump on the bandwagon” is as you know to join a movement that is, or is becoming, popular. Todayifoundout.com states that the phrase was coined in the US in the mid-19th century as the name for the wagon that carried a circus band. P.T. Barnum used the term in 1855 in his autobiography: “At Vicksburg we sold all our land conveyances excepting four horses and the band wagon.”

Are ever more providers are jumping on your organization’s bandwagon, straining your office’s resources?

TIP: There’s another bandwagon you might not be on: A fully integrated credentialing, recruitment, and provider enrollment process.

Integration’s not easy, but can be accomplished through a centralized credentialing verification organization or process. You’ve got to start somewhere. Use the following sample points to start inter- or intra-departmental discussions about integration:

  • Could integration eliminate any of the duplicate background checks, references, or interviews we do cross-departmentally?
  • Would it improve data transparency, accountability, and integrity?
  • Would it foster better communication between departments and team members?
  • Is sharing a database or sharing screens an option in our current state?
  • Would integration decrease time to enroll or credential?
  • Would it improve customer (read: provider) satisfaction rates?
  • Would it speed time to reimbursement?

At IntelliSoft Group, we don’t have a circus (sorry). But we do have a bandwagon loaded with incredibly happy clients who renew our credentialing and provider enrollment software at unheard of high rates, year after year. Contact us if integration or delegated credentialing is on your horizon.