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Why IntelliSoft Group?

Better performance from better information

Since 1997, IntelliSoft Group has led the industry in refining the credentialing process—reducing the time involved while increasing the quality of the knowledge, its security, and its efficacy. We are the only company in the medical space to offer the combination of innovative credentialing, privileging, provider enrollment, and contract management software capabilities with a full-service credentialing verification office (CVO).

Proven success

IntelliSoft Group’s solutions have been proven as the right path to deliver the in-depth detail and timeliness required for the full range of credentialing needs. Thousands of users in our network include healthcare systems, hospitals, managed care organizations, CVOs, individual practice associations, and sub-acute healthcare organizations.

IntelliSoft Group’s CVO Division, IntelliCVO, offers one of the most innovative and trusted credentials verification services available for customers who require an outsourcing option.

Unmatched expertise

The core of our mission is to serve the healthcare community in ways that will provide organizations and practitioners with more time to deliver exceptional patient care. We developed IntelliCred as a modular solution to provide a systemized approach that meets the precise needs of each facet of the credentialing process. IntelliSoft integrated the CVO as a natural extension of our expertise in this area.

We’ve also developed a team of professionals with an unmatched level of knowledge about the various aspects of credentialing, verification, provider enrollment, and contract management. Our experience will ensure that your organization fully complies with the numerous NCQA, URAC, Joint Commission, state, and other standards and regulations governing your process.

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Why Choose Us?

One of the longest tenured companies in medical credentialing software with nearly two decades’ experience.

Established, independent software vendor whose focus has been only on improving medical credentialing processes

Continues to set the standards for credentialing software features and performance, from automating error-prone manual processes to providing multiple delivery channels, including on-premise and cloud subscriptions

Full range of services to help you get the most out of your investment

Serves customers of all sizes in many markets

Businesses require actionable data to ensure optimal results. Our team has a relentless focus on our business user experience, ensuring they have access to the right information, when they need it.

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