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IntelliSoft Group Leadership Team

IntelliSoft Group’s executive management team is committed to delivering the most innovative technology solutions that solve many challenges the global healthcare community faces. They guide our focus on inspiring confidence in our customers and becoming an indispensable component in the overall goal of increasing the quality of patient care.

The executive team meets IntelliSoft’s goals and objectives by creating a corporate culture based on the highest ethical standards.

Credentialing Company Leadership
David Aucoin
Senior Director of Business Operations at symplr
David joined symplr in 2017 to build the foundation for its Professional Services division. When symplr acquired IntelliSoft Group in April 2019, he was the perfect fit to oversee the marriage: From March of 2012 until 2017, he was a Vice President at IntelliSoft.

In all of his roles, he’s made quality and customer success his mission, believing strongly in the philosophy that the only way a company succeeds is by delivering products and services that exceed customers’ expectations. With +25 years of experience and a successful record of accomplishment developing and implementing enterprise-wide strategies, programs, and processes, Dave is a valuable asset to symplr leadership and the teams he leads.

Mike Aha
Director of Development
Mike joined IntelliSoft Group in 1999. Since then, he has successfully built and grown our technology development and technical support teams. An experienced software application developer in a diverse range of applications—including physician credentialing, CRM, point of sale/inventory, and job search tracking—Mike has almost 30 years of technology and product management experience. Prior to joining IntelliSoft, Mike held positions at New England Mobile Communications and Time Warner Wireless. Mike is a graduate of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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