Camaraderie Among Colleagues

Is it just us, or do you also perceive a genuine camaraderie among credentialing and enrollment professionals?

At IntelliSoft, daily we see that spirit of general friendliness and loyalty toward other members of the “group.” They happen to be the thousands of fellow credentialing and enrollment professionals holding the line in maintaining quality and safety in the practice of medicine today.

It’s no small job.

Perhaps that’s the tie that binds—the reason you are all so willing to share advice, forms, tips, experiences. Maybe it’s the realization that you are the first line of defense in a healthcare system where all too often, all the checks and balances we have to ensure a provider is properly vetted can fail us, and a patient suffers.

The systems that support you do their best too: NAMSS, CMS, The JC, NCQA, Credentialing Committees and MECs, NPDB, your particular brand of software that sets your course every morning and organizes your long day. NAMSS summarized nicely in its recent State of the Profession report how essential your role is in maintaining patient safety.

At the end of each day, it must be satisfying to know your work every day is essential, and you have comrades who have your back.  Keep up the great work on behalf of all of us. And if you have a tool you want to share using this platform, let us know using the contact on this web page.