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Group Practices

Your group practice may combine the expertise of a variety of medical care providers. Every person plays a key role in the practice’s success. To ensure smooth operation—which includes prompt insurance reimbursement—every provider requires verification of credentials and enrollment with each insurance carrier. Often, your ancillary providers and services require credentialing. Oversights can lead to payment delays, so the investment in an efficient, accurate group practice medical credentialing system is a critical part of your operational efficiency.

IntelliCred makes it easy for your staff to successfully complete credentialing and enrollment. The program sends alerts of missing documentation, upcoming deadlines, and credentials that are about to expire.

IntelliCred is the solution that will answer your need to:

Access online applications for providers to apply to organizations and submit information.

Change to an automated process because your manual process is not working and is leaving you at risk.

Batch update and integrate with CAQH to update practitioner profiles.

Easily manage and be confident in the transition from paper to a computerized system and electronic document storage.

Group Practice Medical Credentialing

Explore IntelliCred’s Modular Approach

IntelliSoft Group’s total approach provides a system for compiling, storing, and accessing all the data and documents you need to maintain an efficient, accurate provider credentialing system. The modular design of the program allows you to navigate the process with ease.


Simplify and improve the complex process of completing, submitting, tracking payer enrollment, and other applications requiring data from IntelliCred.


Increase the efficiency of your payer and provider contract management process with a comprehensive suite of tools to handle every task in a user-friendly manner across the contract life cycle.


When you need help meeting the challenges of credentialing, primary source verification, and payer enrollment, IntelliCVO can assist with those important tasks, as well as other special projects. IntelliCVO clients receive continuous updates and can trust that their provider data is securely managed in the IntelliCred system.


Integrate with other systems to maintain up-to-date provider credentialing information and reduce the need for duplicate data entry.


Collaborate with IntelliSoft Group’s integration specialists to create and control the import of external data into IntelliCred.


Expand your potential by designing customizable business rules, action items and notifications.


Enable your providers with web-based access to manage their own credentialing data and documents, while also making it secure and convenient for others to view the credentialing information and clinical privileges.


Open the door for the best possible candidates to access opportunities at your organization. Recruiters and hiring managers use the tools they need to evaluate, select and know the people they hire fit the job and the organization.

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