Trying to select the BEST credentialing application, enrollment, and contract automation solution for your org? Choices and modules abound.
But before you set up your first demo with prospective vendor #1, ask these five deal-breakers to narrow down the field when switching programs or choosing your first database.


If avoiding upcharges is important, ask:

  • Do you charge transaction fees for e-signatures like DocuSign or Sertifi, and at what rate per signature?
  • Is there a cost in time or fees for application mapping, and if so what’s the time frame and charges?
  • Do you ever charge by the number of providers, or for data exports and reports?

At IntelliSoft, we don’t believe in hiding upcharges in the day-to-day reports and exports we know our users need. And we’ll never hold your data hostage for additional fees. We’ll grow with you as you add providers, help you fully integrate, and be upfront about any circumstances when additional service fees would apply.



If self-service and customization are priorities, ask:

  • Do we have the ability to map applications on our own? If not, what’s the wait period for turnaround?
  • Does the solution have free-form custom fields, and if so, how many and in what configurations?
  • Is the software in the module hard-coded by the vendor upon implementation?

IntelliSoft puts application-mapping capability in your hands, on your time. Applications “pre-mapped” in any system aren’t custom. “Hard coding” means the vendor keeps control. You know best what you need, so there’s no need to wait 48-72 hours for a vendor to map apps, run reports, or create custom fields capable of more than just “yes/no” responses when you prefer to self-serve and get creative.



If going paperless is a goal, ask:

  • Will the solution work for all application types in our office, or just those for credentialing/PE?
  • Is integrated electronic signature included and can you demo it?
  • Are all forms and applications online, avoiding the need to fax or email if we choose?

A pioneer of credentialing software who’s seen companies come and go, IntelliSoft urges customers comparing solutions to be vigilant of products touting full automation, when what’s being offered is a patch that requires continuous operator input. Ensure that “paperless” also means the ability securely store electronic docs.



If web crawlers and CAQH are needed, ask:

  • Does the solution include web crawlers that obtain practitioner data through state licensure, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the Office of Inspector General, National Practitioner Data Bank, and other authorities?
  • Can you demonstrate how your program interacts with CAQH for fast provider profile updates?
  • Is the ability to send applications in batches and verify in batches (multiple facilities, providers, verification types) possible?

If you can set verifications and apps to autopilot and count on your IntelliSoft solution to crawl the web for you, you’ve got a win. Ensure that any solution under consideration offers these essential time-saving tools.



If access to templates is needed, ask:

  • What’s the size and composition of your application and forms library?
  • Will we have the ability to import our own application forms in addition to accessing templates?
  • Will the solution have an option to access and manage contract templates?

IntelliSoft offers customers one of the largest template libraries in the industry, with many application and contracts forms accessible to all of your users. Use ours as-is, customize them, or import your own.


Call us to experience the difference in working with a partner who pioneered medical credentialing software and keeps on innovating: 888-634-4464.